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Barbara Meyers

I have been seriously writing romance novels for over twenty-five years but it took me awhile to get serious about publishing them.

Now I am the bestselling  [<–see what I did there? 😉 ] author of Nobody’s Fool as well as The Braddock Brotherhood series of contemporary romances published by Samhain Publishing: A Month From Miami, A Forever Kind of Guy, The First Time Again and What A Rich Woman Wants, as well as the independently published novels, Not Quite Heaven and Scattered Moments.

I branched out into a genre-defying screwball fantasy series called Grinding Reality (inspired by my many years working as a coffee store barista) written under the pen name AJ Tillock.   Book #1 is The Forbidden Bean.   I also write song lyrics, short stories and poetry.

When not writing fiction, Dr. Seuss-like poetry or song lyrics, I disguise myself behind a green apron and supply caffeine-laced substances to addicted consumers for a world-wide coffee company. I enjoy (in no particular order) premium coffee, inexpensive white zinfandel, reading, bicycling and playing tennis badly.

I’m still married to my first husband and have two adorable children.  Among my many vices are: two cups of premium coffee first thing in the morning; an occasional glass or two of white zin or pinot grigio; watching Castle or Sex in the City reruns.

I am a member of Novelists, Inc., and am available for book signing events, personal appearances and speaking engagements. For bookings, please contact me at barb@barbmeyers.com or through the form below.


Romancing the Funny Bone

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