Who is AJ Tillock

aj-tillockAJ Tillock is the alter ego fantasy-writing pen name of contemporary romance author Barbara Meyers. The GRINDING REALITY series is a genre-defying off-the-wall comedic look at what happens after Tee Rutledge swallows a magic coffee bean. Following in the footsteps of Ms. Meyers, AJ is not the fastest writer, but aims to provide well-written, entertaining books unlike anything you’ve ever read. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Cool Beans

Unable to break her forbidden coffee bean addiction, the temporary transformations they cause allow Tee Rutledge to gather even more knowledge she’d rather not have and force her into an uneasy alliance with her mysterious father. Though she tries to discourage him, her amateur detective buddy refuses to stop “helping” with her investigation into the … Continue reading Cool Beans

The Forbidden Bean

The Bean is…Magical… Addictive… Forbidden… When lifelong misfit and coffee store manager Tee Rutledge investigates a hidden bag of coffee beans, she disregards the warning label and accidentally swallows one. Consumption of the bean temporarily transports most of her thinking, rational self into the body of an insect, but just enough of her is left … Continue reading The Forbidden Bean




Romancing the Funny Bone