Indie Novels


An unplanned pregnancy; her husband in a coma. What’s a mother to do when conception and misconception collide? There are many things Annie Langdon doesn’t understand… mis•con•ceive: (mis´kën sēv´) to conceive wrongly; Why does a man who professes to love her, dump her after she gives him everything? A second chance with her first love … Continue reading Misconceive

Not Quite Heaven

If passion overcomes betrayal… For Ian and Melissa… One forbidden kiss is witnessed by a treacherous woman whose dramatic death the following day destroys Ian’s family, career, and future. After four years apart can Melissa, whom Ian loves, hates and blames for his losses, save him? …and duty clashes with deception… Forced to work with … Continue reading Not Quite Heaven

Scattered Moments

A picture is worth a thousand regrets… Scarred by childhood abandonment, Amanda Heinrich is trapped by vows she made to her husband, Martin, her child and herself. Even after she meets her soulmate, Hart Michaelson, she sees no escape from the life she’s created. While she fights her connection to Hart, her focus drifts from … Continue reading Scattered Moments


Romancing the Funny Bone