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Sunday Morning Musings: My Political Week in Review

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)Sunday:  I am trying to watch the 2nd presidential debate in town hall format. I did not watch the first one except for about the first 20 minutes. Cringe-worthy television I call it. I felt the same about the primary debates. I just couldn’t watch them.

I am not a fan of either candidate. I am still marveling over the fact that these are the two primary candidates for the highest office in the land. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. How did that happen?

Remember when the best and brightest used to be the people who ran for our president? Yeah, I don’t remember that either. But this is what we’ve come to?

This debate is just more mud-slinging. Ancient history.

I continually lower the volume. Then I hit the Mute button. I’m reading a novel but every time I glance at the TV, Trump is talking. Finally, I turn it off.

Monday: Consensus is Trump saved himself with his debate performance. His campaign goes on, but it won’t be enough.

I find it ironic that the very system Trump has railed against since the beginning of his campaign (Washington DC elitist culture/career politicians, etc.) are proving his point by abandoning him when the going gets rough (even though the PEOPLE of their own party, i.e., PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT voted Trump as their candidate) in order to save themselves and their own political careers. CYA.

As a sidenote: More emails between Clinton’s staffers are Wikileaked and it seems no one can figure out why she’s running for president or how to market her run for the office. Send in the focus groups. My opinion is she’s doing it for her own glorification and potential history-making ability. She has no new ideas of her own or changes she wants to make, but will simply continue on Obama’s path.  Not much of a trailblazer when she’s following a man’s path.

Tuesday:  I think about how much I used to enjoy Facebook until so many of my “friends” decided it was a good place to share their political leanings and ahem, brilliant opinions. Psst. That’s why there’s a “Hide” button.

They say it’s the journey not the destination. I wonder, if he loses, if Donald Trump will see it that way. What has running for president taught him and others? Has it changed him? What will he take away from the experience?

Meanwhile, Ken Bone, the debate darling audience member who wore a red sweater (because he split his suit pants) caused an online ordering furor for duplicates of that sweater and retailers are now sold out of them. Who are these people who order sweaters for such a reason?

Wednesday:  More emails surface from Hillary’s camp, one denigrating Catholics. Mainstream media doesn’t care/won’t report. No one will know about this unless they tune into conservative news channels. (Obama campaign all over again.)

My thought: Without men leading the way Hillary Clinton would be nowhere politically. She’s done nothing but follow the path her husband and Obama set. Very admirable.  Has she had any of her own or original ideas or innovations? (Realize I already said this but think it bears repeating.)

It’s like on Survivor. Sometimes it isn’t the best-liked or most honest player who wins. It’s the one who played the game the best.

Thursday:  I can’t quite understand all of these accusers whom Trump allegedly assaulted coming forward (now). I’m trying to think back, ten, twenty, thirty years ago. If I, at age 30, had been sitting in an airplane seat and a stranger sitting next to me starting putting his hands on me what would I have done? What would I do now? Yell, “Stop it!” comes to mind. Push him away. Hit the attendant call button. Scream “Help!” to alert my fellow passengers I need help. Let’s say I was so frozen in shock I did nothing. Would I simply sit next to the guy for the rest of the flight in silence? Would I not say anything to a flight attendant once the plane landed? Contact the airline officials afterward? If I recognized the guy why wouldn’t I go public? Would I just go home and maybe tell my mother? It seems highly unlikely that’s all I would have done. But this has never happened to me.

If Trump was walking in on un- or half-dressed beauty contestants, especially if they were teenagers at the time, how is this kept a secret amongst the many people in a dressing room? Were there no parents around? No makeup artists or hair stylists or pageant coordinators? Were there no reporters lurking outside waiting for interviews or to get an inside scoop or photo? It’s hard to believe. I write fiction, but this stretches believability.

What seems a more logical scenario based on events of the past week is that Trump’s numbers were a little too close for comfort for Clinton and her camp decided to release the dogs.

But who knows when there’s lie upon lie upon lie?

Friday:  I have given up. I’m worn down and beaten up by political news and commentary and I just don’t care anymore. I want Trump to SHUT UP because everything he says buries him further. I Tweet something my dad used to quote:  “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Clinton’s campaign is an eerie reminder of Obama’s. Negative stuff is out there but the media ignores it. Ours has become a sad excuse for a great nation.

Has Ellen Degeneres invited Trump to be a guest on her show? Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday: Zero TV and newspaper and virtually no social media viewing. Remind myself I’m much happier writing fiction than trying to make sense of reality.

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Politics: A Look in the Mirror

WIN_20160623_09_59_17_ProToday I am embarrassed to be an American. I can’t be on social media for more than a few seconds because it’s filled with such hatred and judgment it turns my stomach. I’m appalled to realize that this who we are as Americans. This is who we’ve become.  

Is the reason we have such unlikeable candidates running for president  because they reflect our society and how we each see ourselves? We don’t like ourselves very much do we? We’ve put forward people to run our country who are like we are. Untrustworthy. Dishonest, perhaps. We expect to be lied to because we ourselves have trouble with the truth. We lie to ourselves about ourselves so we expect others, especially our leaders to do the same. 

Take every negative trait that’s been used to describe our current candidates and ask yourself if you also possess that trait. It will be hard, but try, just this once, to give an honest answer. 

When we point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at us. And there’s been a whole lot of finger pointing going on. And a lot of name calling. Denial is the name of the current political game. But the whole country is in denial. 

As our educational system has declined and our illiteracy rate has increased, we appreciate someone who has a small mind and uses small words. Also, someone who can repeat things many times. We don’t care if they’re actually imparting accurate information; in fact, we’d rather they didn’t. We’d prefer that they simply repeat their messages in language we understand so we’ll know who to vote for. And we are much too lazy to ferret out the truth behind their statements. 

We don’t want anyone honorable to run our country because that individual might expect us to behave honorably. Likewise we don’t want anyone who’s been particularly successful outside of public office to be elected because we might be expected to also work hard and make something of ourselves. They might impart some unpleasant facts we don’t want to hear such as the fact that the government is not obligated to support us with one “entitlement” after another. Or that it’s okay to skate by doing the bare minimum. 

We fear anyone who is not like us. Anyone who is intelligent, fearless, who says what he or she thinks regardless of the consequences. We don’t want anyone who puts themselves on the line, who can withstand public ridicule, who stands up for what they believe in. Because most of us don’t believe in anything. We don’t believe in ourselves or each other. We don’t believe in a higher power. We think there is no real meaning or purpose to our lives. So it’s better to elect someone who’s just spinning the wheels and grabbing for the momentary glory and using the power of office for his or her own gain. 

Certainly we would never want to elect anyone who would admit to mistakes or who has the guts to apologize or attempt to rectify past wrongs. If we did, we might, at some point be expected to admit that we’ve also made mistakes. Or said things we wish we hadn’t. 

We don’t want to elect the best candidate for the job because we’ve forgotten what our best is. We’ve buried it so deeply beneath discouragement and hopelessness and pure meanness that we’ve taught ourselves to expect more of the same.  

If we’re unhappy with the choices before us in the upcoming election, it might be time to look in the mirror and admit we know the reasons why.






Bestselling Author?2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)

The last time I redid my web site, the designer’s first effort for the header went something like this:  “Barbara Meyers, bestselling author of contemporary romance and fantasy.”

I shot that back to her and made sure she understood that I wasn’t a bestselling author and therefore, implying that I was would be inaccurate.  In fact, it was a lie.

In a digital world where it seems you can’t believe anything and there’s so much misrepresentation especially on the internet, I had no intention of contributing to that atmosphere.  So the designer took off the word “bestselling.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I wish I was a bestselling author.  I’m certainly working toward that goal, even if I don’t know exactly what it means.  I could be number one hundred on some newspaper’s “bestseller list” and still be an author very few readers have heard of, but that still would qualify me for bestseller status, wouldn’t it?

On my vision board where I see it ALL THE TIME!
On my vision board where I see it ALL THE TIME!

There are countless numbers of bestselling authors the average reader has never heard of much less read.  But still, I think I wouldn’t mind being included.

I used to cut the bestseller lists out of the Sunday paper and cross out the names and titles and insert my name and titles. 20151026_100719

In the past couple of years I’ve had a revelation.  If it appears on my web site it eventually comes true. More than once  I have made mention of projects I’m working on, only to have them go from project to publication.  Often, I wistfully mentioned them only to fill space in my news section.  They were nowhere near completion and my writing career certainly wasn’t moving forward the way I wanted.  There are moments in almost every author’s life, no matter what their status, where they wonder if they’ll ever sell a manuscript again.

I had always heard all you need to do is find an editor who likes your work (and is willing to take a chance on you).  I had three different editors for three books, so that didn’t seem likely either.  But then it happened.  And it wasn’t even on my web site!

I had my web site redone (by the incomparable Cynthia Melendez-Flynn) and it is better than ever.  After a recent tweaking session I asked Cynthia if she could add the word “bestselling” in tiny, tiny letters in the header.  And could she put “bestselling author” in the tiniest print possible on every page?

I don’t want to lie.  I’m hoping no one will notice.  But if it’s on my web site, eventually it will come true.

I’m subliminally messaging myself.  And the rest of the world.  It’s not exactly a lie. It’s a prediction that just hasn’t quite happened yet. Until then it’ll be our little secret.