Cool Beans

cool-beansUnable to break her forbidden coffee bean addiction, the temporary transformations they cause allow Tee Rutledge to gather even more knowledge she’d rather not have and force her into an uneasy alliance with her mysterious father.

Though she tries to discourage him, her amateur detective buddy refuses to stop “helping” with her investigation into the Espresso Mafia. Her across-the-hall neighbor goes into cop mode, monitoring her suspicious behavior while always having her back. Meanwhile her almost-boyfriend is so confused by her unpredictability she might lose him for good.

But Tee is compelled to fight the evil infiltrating Seagate. If only her father will agree, she knows together they can bring down the bad guys. But will Tee lose everything and everyone she holds dear in her addictive quest for justice?

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The Forbidden Bean

grinding-realityThe Bean is…Magical… Addictive… Forbidden… When lifelong misfit and coffee store manager Tee Rutledge investigates a hidden bag of coffee beans, she disregards the warning label and accidentally swallows one. Consumption of the bean temporarily transports most of her thinking, rational self into the body of an insect, but just enough of her is left behind to allow operation of her human body on auto-pilot. Her existence becomes wildly complicated because once she is whole again she has no memory of her behavior as a human during that time. While Tee temporarily inhabits the body of a fly, a cockroach or a spider, she inadvertently flies under the radar of her fellow humans and unwittingly becomes privy to dangerous knowledge she otherwise would not have but which compels her unwillingly into heroic action. Soon she is on the trail of a ragtag group of Eastern Europeans involved in gun-running and human trafficking; her long absent father walks back into her life to warn her away from pursuing them; and a serial killer feels the sting of her unique brand of justice. Addicted to the magic beans but also teetering on the edge of sanity, Tee begins to embrace the power she discovers within herself as well as the undaunted courage of her superhero alter ego.

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