Training Tommy

training-tommySabrina Talbott knows that when Mr. Perfect comes along she will recognize him instantly. He’ll be conventional, stable, and mature, just like her.

Tommy Cameron can’t be Mr. Perfect.

His overgrown, uncontrollable dog digs up her flower garden. Sabrina sees that not only does the dog need some training, so does Tommy. Instead of a sensible sedan, Tommy drives an old Jeep. His friends hang around as if they are part of a fraternity. Does he even have a job? Worst of all, Tommy throws impromptu parties, dances with her, and encourages her to have fun.

Why is she so drawn to him when he’s all wrong for her?

When Sabrina insists that he’s not her type, Tommy sets out to prove her wrong by becoming her idea of Mr. Perfect. When he turns himself into serious, stodgy “Thomas,” Sabrina realizes she has created a monster. Can she admit she was wrong in order to change uptight, boring Thomas back into spontaneous, fun-loving Tommy?

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