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Sunday Morning Musings: My Political Week in Review

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)Sunday:  I am trying to watch the 2nd presidential debate in town hall format. I did not watch the first one except for about the first 20 minutes. Cringe-worthy television I call it. I felt the same about the primary debates. I just couldn’t watch them.

I am not a fan of either candidate. I am still marveling over the fact that these are the two primary candidates for the highest office in the land. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. How did that happen?

Remember when the best and brightest used to be the people who ran for our president? Yeah, I don’t remember that either. But this is what we’ve come to?

This debate is just more mud-slinging. Ancient history.

I continually lower the volume. Then I hit the Mute button. I’m reading a novel but every time I glance at the TV, Trump is talking. Finally, I turn it off.

Monday: Consensus is Trump saved himself with his debate performance. His campaign goes on, but it won’t be enough.

I find it ironic that the very system Trump has railed against since the beginning of his campaign (Washington DC elitist culture/career politicians, etc.) are proving his point by abandoning him when the going gets rough (even though the PEOPLE of their own party, i.e., PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT voted Trump as their candidate) in order to save themselves and their own political careers. CYA.

As a sidenote: More emails between Clinton’s staffers are Wikileaked and it seems no one can figure out why she’s running for president or how to market her run for the office. Send in the focus groups. My opinion is she’s doing it for her own glorification and potential history-making ability. She has no new ideas of her own or changes she wants to make, but will simply continue on Obama’s path.  Not much of a trailblazer when she’s following a man’s path.

Tuesday:  I think about how much I used to enjoy Facebook until so many of my “friends” decided it was a good place to share their political leanings and ahem, brilliant opinions. Psst. That’s why there’s a “Hide” button.

They say it’s the journey not the destination. I wonder, if he loses, if Donald Trump will see it that way. What has running for president taught him and others? Has it changed him? What will he take away from the experience?

Meanwhile, Ken Bone, the debate darling audience member who wore a red sweater (because he split his suit pants) caused an online ordering furor for duplicates of that sweater and retailers are now sold out of them. Who are these people who order sweaters for such a reason?

Wednesday:  More emails surface from Hillary’s camp, one denigrating Catholics. Mainstream media doesn’t care/won’t report. No one will know about this unless they tune into conservative news channels. (Obama campaign all over again.)

My thought: Without men leading the way Hillary Clinton would be nowhere politically. She’s done nothing but follow the path her husband and Obama set. Very admirable.  Has she had any of her own or original ideas or innovations? (Realize I already said this but think it bears repeating.)

It’s like on Survivor. Sometimes it isn’t the best-liked or most honest player who wins. It’s the one who played the game the best.

Thursday:  I can’t quite understand all of these accusers whom Trump allegedly assaulted coming forward (now). I’m trying to think back, ten, twenty, thirty years ago. If I, at age 30, had been sitting in an airplane seat and a stranger sitting next to me starting putting his hands on me what would I have done? What would I do now? Yell, “Stop it!” comes to mind. Push him away. Hit the attendant call button. Scream “Help!” to alert my fellow passengers I need help. Let’s say I was so frozen in shock I did nothing. Would I simply sit next to the guy for the rest of the flight in silence? Would I not say anything to a flight attendant once the plane landed? Contact the airline officials afterward? If I recognized the guy why wouldn’t I go public? Would I just go home and maybe tell my mother? It seems highly unlikely that’s all I would have done. But this has never happened to me.

If Trump was walking in on un- or half-dressed beauty contestants, especially if they were teenagers at the time, how is this kept a secret amongst the many people in a dressing room? Were there no parents around? No makeup artists or hair stylists or pageant coordinators? Were there no reporters lurking outside waiting for interviews or to get an inside scoop or photo? It’s hard to believe. I write fiction, but this stretches believability.

What seems a more logical scenario based on events of the past week is that Trump’s numbers were a little too close for comfort for Clinton and her camp decided to release the dogs.

But who knows when there’s lie upon lie upon lie?

Friday:  I have given up. I’m worn down and beaten up by political news and commentary and I just don’t care anymore. I want Trump to SHUT UP because everything he says buries him further. I Tweet something my dad used to quote:  “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Clinton’s campaign is an eerie reminder of Obama’s. Negative stuff is out there but the media ignores it. Ours has become a sad excuse for a great nation.

Has Ellen Degeneres invited Trump to be a guest on her show? Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday: Zero TV and newspaper and virtually no social media viewing. Remind myself I’m much happier writing fiction than trying to make sense of reality.

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Politics: A Look in the Mirror

WIN_20160623_09_59_17_ProToday I am embarrassed to be an American. I can’t be on social media for more than a few seconds because it’s filled with such hatred and judgment it turns my stomach. I’m appalled to realize that this who we are as Americans. This is who we’ve become.  

Is the reason we have such unlikeable candidates running for president  because they reflect our society and how we each see ourselves? We don’t like ourselves very much do we? We’ve put forward people to run our country who are like we are. Untrustworthy. Dishonest, perhaps. We expect to be lied to because we ourselves have trouble with the truth. We lie to ourselves about ourselves so we expect others, especially our leaders to do the same. 

Take every negative trait that’s been used to describe our current candidates and ask yourself if you also possess that trait. It will be hard, but try, just this once, to give an honest answer. 

When we point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at us. And there’s been a whole lot of finger pointing going on. And a lot of name calling. Denial is the name of the current political game. But the whole country is in denial. 

As our educational system has declined and our illiteracy rate has increased, we appreciate someone who has a small mind and uses small words. Also, someone who can repeat things many times. We don’t care if they’re actually imparting accurate information; in fact, we’d rather they didn’t. We’d prefer that they simply repeat their messages in language we understand so we’ll know who to vote for. And we are much too lazy to ferret out the truth behind their statements. 

We don’t want anyone honorable to run our country because that individual might expect us to behave honorably. Likewise we don’t want anyone who’s been particularly successful outside of public office to be elected because we might be expected to also work hard and make something of ourselves. They might impart some unpleasant facts we don’t want to hear such as the fact that the government is not obligated to support us with one “entitlement” after another. Or that it’s okay to skate by doing the bare minimum. 

We fear anyone who is not like us. Anyone who is intelligent, fearless, who says what he or she thinks regardless of the consequences. We don’t want anyone who puts themselves on the line, who can withstand public ridicule, who stands up for what they believe in. Because most of us don’t believe in anything. We don’t believe in ourselves or each other. We don’t believe in a higher power. We think there is no real meaning or purpose to our lives. So it’s better to elect someone who’s just spinning the wheels and grabbing for the momentary glory and using the power of office for his or her own gain. 

Certainly we would never want to elect anyone who would admit to mistakes or who has the guts to apologize or attempt to rectify past wrongs. If we did, we might, at some point be expected to admit that we’ve also made mistakes. Or said things we wish we hadn’t. 

We don’t want to elect the best candidate for the job because we’ve forgotten what our best is. We’ve buried it so deeply beneath discouragement and hopelessness and pure meanness that we’ve taught ourselves to expect more of the same.  

If we’re unhappy with the choices before us in the upcoming election, it might be time to look in the mirror and admit we know the reasons why.



Fiscal Cliff My Ass

I am so sick of hearing about the fiscal cliff and paying my fair share.  I’ve paid my fair share, okay?  My whole life, I’ve paid my taxes.  Whatever was withheld and then some.  I’ve never asked for or needed government assistance.  I WORKED, okay?  My husband WORKED.  My kids WORK.  They pay their bills and that includes health insurance, or they go without.  So don’t tell me I didn’t pay my fair share.

Fiscal cliff?  Gee, what caused that?  Government spending.  They want to raise taxes to provide more revenue because they’ve run out of money.  Only problem with that scenario is the more money they rake in in taxes the more money they waste.  The ONLY reason for the federal government to raise taxes is so it can spend more money.  This is a case of physician heal thyself.  The federal government will never stop raising taxes to pay bills it creates.  When’s the last time you heard about cutting spending?  Or getting rid of duplicate government programs?  Maybe you heard about it in conjunction with sequestering which is when the government forces itself to make arbitrary budget cuts, probably because they didn’t raise taxes quickly enough to cover the expenses of a certain department. 

Idiots!  The only reason taxes go up is to increase the size of government.  Does anyone understand anything about how the economy works?  Think about this:  WHY does the government need to grow any more?  My reply is, “it doesn’t.” 

Raise taxes on the wealthy because they don’t pay enough in taxes.  I have heard this so many times I’m ready to puke.  This is something I actually understand because I am married to a man who worked fifty-hour weeks for thirty-plus years.  He/we made investments.  Look at it this way:  You get a paycheck.  Part of your gross income is removed from it off the top to pay for federal income taxes.  At the high end of the tax bracket you might be paying 35%.  More than a third of what you earned is gone.  If you get a bonus, it’s taxed.  If you use some of your net pay (remember you’ve already paid federal income tax) to buy stock (invest in a U.S. company that provides jobs for workers) and then you later sell that stock, you are taxed (again) if you made a profit (capital gains) of 15%.  If you die, your estate (all the wealth/property you accumulated by working hard and investing) is TAXED AGAIN at something like 50%.  Who does this affect the most?  The wealthy.  The people who worked hard, created businesses of their own perhaps, the ones who provided jobs for the rest of us, the ones who are ALREADY PAYING THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of taxes.  Yes, let’s penalize them AGAIN for being successful.  

If that doesn’t take away the motivation for anyone to work hard, acquire wealth, be successful, live the “American Dream” I don’t know what does.  Why should you?  Why should anyone when the federal government will come in and take it all away from you in one form or another? 

Meanwhile, how many?  Let’s all say it together:  47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax.  They are the takers, some of them living on entitlement programs from cradle to grave.  Why not when citizens like you and me, along with the federal government make it so easy for them?

Job Opportunities Available

Federal Government Job Opportunities will exist for qualified individuals in the next election cycle.  You could be right for one of these jobs!  See partial list of preferred qualifications below:

College degree preferred but not required.  We are especially interested in those applicants with law degrees or who have held positions as instructors at well-established universities.  Entrepreneurs, CFOs, those with business experience in the real world, or anyone possessing an MBA need not apply.

For all openings, we prefer applicants possess the following set of skills and abilities:

Must be able to lie convincingly, especially to constituents and in interviews with journalists and other media personnel. 

The appearance of a stable personal life is important, but any hint of morality will disqualify you for this position.

Must be willing and able to spend taxpayer’s money irresponsibly.  Voters have come to expect this ability in their elected officials.  Maintaining this standard is paramount.  Fiscally responsible individuals need not apply.

Prevarication.  If you feel compelled to answer direct questions with direct answers, you are not what we’re looking for.

Previous experience at covering up wrongdoing on your part or the part of others is a must for these positions, although when necessary, on-the-job training is provided.

Must be willing to undertake frivolous travel at government expense. 

Basic understanding of economics, wasteful spending, bankruptcy, deficits and accounting is not required.

Some experience using the internet, e-mail, Twitter and other social media outlets is expected, but proficiency in this area is not required.

Preferred candidates will possess excessive amounts of hubris, ego, and immaturity.  Stupidity also a plus.

Applicants will find a sense of humor, especially self-deprecating wit, to be  a detriment.  Stiff-necked snobbery and an attitude of either disdain or condescension is much preferred.  The ability to be patronizing also a plus.

You are not right for this job if any of the following apply:

You are a team player who possesses the ability to compromise especially when it’s in the interest of the voters you represent and the country in general.

You are caring, intelligent, idealistic and believe you can make a difference.

You believe doing what’s best for the country should take precedence over your personal glory. 

Contracts run four or six years depending on position sought and are renewable at the whim of the voters in the state where you live.  Several of our Senators and Representatives have worked a lifetime in these positions.  If this seems like the career for you, we suggest you aspire to their standards.  

To apply please contact your local political party affiliate office.

Note:  If you have held other government positions, especially an unelected (appointed) position, please state so on your application.  Several such “czar” positions are currently available and require no experience or training of any kind whatsoever.  If you subscribe to the theory that it’s not what you know it’s who you know, you may step into one of these newly created positions immediately.

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Kissing Freedom Goodbye

Welcome Guest Blogger MATT MEYERS

Matt is a 27-year-old who lives in Southwest Florida and works as a manager in the hospitality industry.

If our elected officials listened to us, this health care bill would have been dead long ago. I am fearful that they will pass this, and it will be disastrous for the country on so many levels. Did you see Obama’s interview on Fox? First time he’s thrown out the “double dip recession” line. And now they are thinking about taking a look at some tax cuts for small business so they can hire immediately. Hey idiot…that’s what conservatives were saying all along! This stimulus package was about the worst idea ever and can’t be executed at all. Yet, they can fix healthcare?

As I’ve said before this has nothing to do with helping people or fixing healthcare. It is about power and redistribution of wealth. They are creating a 51/49 dynamic where you have the provider class and the recipient class. It’s all right there in Rules for Radicals – which is the playbook. It is beyond me how so many Americans are naïve enough to think these people actually want to help them and for that matter how many Americans see the Federal Gov’t as a necessary force in their lives.

I fear that we may never recover from this with the policies (monetary, social, environmental) that are being put in place. I do believe that unemployment will hit 12% eventually, and with greater tax burdens, regulations, etc. we will not be able to sustain ourselves as a super power or a free country. I am hoping that I can keep my job long enough to get my degree, because I will not be in this country should it go the way I believe it will.

Here’s what really bothers me…this is NOT the America I was raised in. No longer do we have a Ronald Reagan who believes in the spirit of Americans and their ability and talent. No longer do we have a government that recognizes its Constitutional limits. No longer do they truly believe in a free market system. That is not the country I love, not the country I was raised in…and NOT the country I will raise my children in. I refuse to let them see an America that runs that way.

I don’t know if you know who Art Laffer is, but he was Reagan’s chief economic advisor and a brilliant man. He says if he had a long weekend he could undo all of this. God I wish he was going to get the chance.

They say Repubs have no ideas or solutions. Here’s what I’d do tomorrow if I could:

  1. Cut the corporate tax rate to 10% – match the lowest in the world and keep jobs and companies here.
  2. Cut payroll taxes in half for at least 3 years.
  3. Cut capital gains to zero for at least one year – no higher than 10% after that.
  4. Close the border once and for all – put illegals with something to offer on a path to citizenship and ship the rest out.
  5. I’d start drilling for oil in ANWAR – as well as clean coal technology, nuclear power plants, wind and solar.
  7. I would privatize social security – or at least give individuals the opportunity to not participate.
  8. I would cut the federal government size to pre-Great Depression levels and gives States their sovereignty back.

If reading this makes a difference for one person it’s a success. Yes, it is sad and depressing because we’re watching our country slip away under a socialist smiley face. And, you don’t hear any Republicans actually speaking from the heart and telling it like it is. They just reiterate talking points, with no details or solutions. And it’s sad that people like Ron Paul are made to be pariahs when what they are saying has validity and logic behind it. The problem is that those in Congress on both sides do not want to relinquish power, and when someone is advocating following the Constitution by definition that means smaller government, hence less power. If they really wanted fairness, they’d be all for the FairTax, but that’s not really what they want. You could get rid of the IRS, talk about reducing the scope of government!

If they offered Landreau $100M to get the vote, they’ll just do the same for Lincoln and Nelson. And why not, we have money to throw around right? Of course, when we get into inflation or hyperinflation, that $100M will only be worth $30M. I’m sure it’s deficit neutral though.

It is obvious to me that the left – whether Lib or Blue Dog – are not going to vote based on what their constituency wants. This bill is strongly opposed by nearly every demographic, but they will ram it down our throats because we’re just stupid peons who don’t know what’s best for us. We just need to let the government take care of us, don’t worry about a thing. There’s the smiley face again! Interesting that when you look past the initial 10 years of the bill, the cost triples. I am sure we can afford that, let’s cut Medicare for seniors and transfer that to young people and illegals and the poor. Aren’t the poor already covered under Medicaid? And illegals have no rights as citizens? Regardless, health insurance is not a right and is not Constitutional to begin with. But, the Constitution is a relic anyway right? We need to be more like the Europeans, cause they’re so great! Never mind that they’d all be Nazi’s if it weren’t for us, because we defended FREEDOM! Never mind that the relative peace of the last 60 years is because of the US and its people.

We used to hold our founding principles near and dear, we used to know that freedom wasn’t free. We knew it would need to be defended. We just never knew we’d have to defend it from within.  Actually this is exactly what the Founders feared. The crossroads is here, and education is the key. Many in my generation haven’t the slightest clue, hell they can’t wait for their $600 stimulus check. I’m sure the education system run by the Left has a little something to do with this!

If only we could afford to sink our time and energy into actually fighting for the things we believe in. Unfortunately, we have jobs (if we’re lucky) and we can’t. Hard to know we have very few advocates on the inside. Our only chance is to reject at every turn every politician who advocates larger government in any terms. I will not vote for anyone who does whole heartedly support freedom and the American people. If you do not hold the Constitution sacred I will not support you. No longer will I vote for the lesser of two evils. I will vote for a third party candidate if it will disrupt blue and red. I will educate myself and I will question you if you do not represent your constituents. Government works for us, and every bit of soft tyranny is that much more freedom lost.

Your 51/49 dynamic will not last, because innovators and those with talent will flock to freedom. You will lose your precious provider class, and you will be left with a country in ruin. No one to take from, and nothing but poverty, misery, and government control over once free human beings. It will be sad to watch the decay of a once great people.

One of my favorite management philosophies is this; you get what you accept. It applies to government too. If you accept what is happening, then you’ll get what you deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t accept it will be long gone.