Eight Years of Reshaping My Entire Existence

A beautifully written piece and a must share.

Curtiss Ann Matlock

It is eight years since the hot July night that my husband passed from this world, and my existence as I had known it for forty-four years, since the age of seventeen, was shattered. Even now, when I think of it I can’t seem to breath. And yes, even after all this time, there remains a smidge of disbelief. How can the man who was my best friend, my lover, my husband, and yes, at times the father I never had, be gone? How can the life I knew be gone?

It was my friend and fellow writer, Mary Ann, who said to me, “You are reshaping your entire existence.” Her concise words made me blink. In mulling over the idea, it comes to me that the reshaping of my existence could be akin to the renovation of an old house. Some things we keep, some things we throw away…

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