True Starbucks Story

Yesterday a guy comes in and orders a latte.  Says, “Make it decaf, but don’t write on there that’s it’s decaf.  It’s for my wife.  She has a heart condition and she’s not supposed to have caffeine.  I love her to death, but she’s having a hard time giving it up.  So I buy her latte and get her decaf.  She can’t tell the difference.”  Good husband points for this guy, right?  Of course we complied.

Two hours later the wife comes in and orders the exact same drink.  Says, “Write on there that it’s decaf, but give me regular espresso.  I’m not supposed to have caffeine, but I’ve cut down from a quad to a double and I figure that’s good enough, right?” 

What do you think?  Should we have given her decaf?

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